Knitwear Fashion Trends for 2021-2022

Knit fashion 2021–2022 gradually complements your wardrobe in the fall-winter period. Winter is a truly magical time of the year. This is the time for cozy evenings with a blanket in front of the TV with a cup of hot tea and a plate of delicious, time for skiing, on the slides and, of course, the time for cold weather, gusty winds and a small amount of sun.

Knitwear Fashion Trends for 2021-2022


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Also, this is the time when dreams come true, and the streets of cities are filled with an atmosphere of celebration and happiness, each lane is decorated with a garland, in the center there is a huge, bright, beautiful Christmas tree. All this is darkened by the dull, cold, bleak weather, but there is no need to be upset here, it will hide, protect and warm a warm coat and a cozy, large sweater from the cold.

Bright colors and non-standard solutions will help to add juiciness, freshness. How can you find the best and most suitable items in a world of such a huge variety? We'll figure out. The answer is simple, pay attention to knitted things, which is why today we will talk about knitted fashion for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season.

winter fashion knitted trends

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In winter and autumn 2021–2022, there are several main trends for knitted items:

Bright, saturated colors. In winter, we often lack brightness, juiciness, in the next season this problem, fortunately, no longer exists. The designers did their best and created collections that are distinguished by a riot of colors, shades and colors. Intense blue, burgundy, emerald, mustard color, bright yellow, red, lilac shades are the main way to cheer up and diversify the image in the upcoming season.

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Large dense knit. Sweaters, cardigans and coats of large dense knit look insanely gentle, sophisticated and feminine, and their huge plus is that they perfectly warm in the winter cold. Things with such a viscous fit are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Colors can be any, as delicate and feminine, for example lavender, white, pale pink peach. So are bright, sexy shades such as blue, red, burgundy, emerald. It is important to note that lately, thin, silver or gold threads can be used when sewing. They add mystery and mystery to clothes.

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Knitted dresses. Such dresses are one of the main trends of the new season, they look incredibly beautiful and are very warm. The image with them looks feminine and gentle. Thanks to a certain volume, the girl herself looks more sophisticated and neat.

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Oversize things. Oversized knitted items must be present in the wardrobe of any modern girl. Moreover, they should form the basis of a winter wardrobe, as they are the most practical, comfortable, stylish and beautiful things. For example, a gray oversized coat, a light silk black dress wearing a blue oversized sweater will look amazing together, while creating an incredibly stylish and comfortable look.

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A combination of lightweight fabrics and coarse knits. Insanely interesting, bright and stylish solution. An image using such a combination looks simply luxurious. This is the best tandem, because things in it complement each other, so for example, an emerald chiffon skirt and a burgundy oversized chunky knit sweater will give the image a certain charm and gloss.

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Fur. The combination of a knitted sweater and fur decor was found at many shows of the fall-winter collection, so you should pay special attention to such models. They look very stylish, bright and unusual. For example, a black cropped sweater with a blue fur trim on the top will go well with high-waisted skinny black jeans. This combination will make the image non-standard and memorable.

Knit fashion fall-winter 2021: coat

A knitted coat is a very unusual wardrobe item, it is often underestimated, in fact, it is a very feminine and beautiful option, it will add neatness and sophistication to the image, so it is important to know its main advantages:

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The knitted coat is very warm. This fact is easy to prove, try to walk in it for a couple of hours on a frosty winter evening, you will definitely not freeze, and if there is also a large amount of wool in the composition, this is just wonderful.

Attractive appearance. How many jackets we meet, which definitely do not look beautiful and feminine, with a knitted coat this problem almost disappears. It can also be combined with any accessories and any footwear. For example, a gray knitted oversized coat, a black voluminous scarf, a small metal handbag, black boots and a delicate dress are an insanely feminine and attractive combination.

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Knit fashion fall-winter 2021-2022: cardigans

Recently, cardigans have been created using large and dense knits. A girl in such a cardigan looks very sophisticated and attractive.


Usually cardigans come in universal, suitable for all colors, for example, in gray, black, blue. They can be beautifully combined with light, delicate dresses, for example, a gray cardigan is perfect for a lavender chiffon dress.


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Knit Fashion Fall Winter 2022: Sweaters

Everyone is madly in love with knitted sweaters, both small and large knits. They look insanely stylish, beautiful and feminine, and their main plus is that they are very warm and comfortable in cold winter evenings.

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